Pumpen Strebe - Environmentally friendly energy technology

High energy costs, impeded delivery of raw materials, limited resources, the pollution of the atmosphere and associated global warming call for new approaches with regards to energy and heat supply.

Under the leadership of Jürgen Strebe we have specialised in the development of renewable energy sources for heat pumps. At PS Pumpen Strebe, we develop, manufacture and install energy optimised collectors and U-probes made from stainless steel (memory probe). Among our customers rank not only drilling operators, specialised heating contractors and planning offices, but also architects, building contractors and private clients.

Venturi stainless steel tube collector (memory probe) and stainless steel U-probes

For the efficient development of hydrothermal energy

With the Venturi stainless steel tube collector (memory probe) and the stainless steel U-probe (memory probe) we offer the ideal probes with maximum efficiency. The Venturi stainless steel collector (memory probe), made from stainless steel, is mainly incorporated into the first aquifer and is thus suitable for locally required depth control. Alternatively U-probes can be used. During operation all systems prove to be particularly reliable.

  • Assembly coaxial probe V4A
    Assembly coaxial probe V4A
  • Sectional coaxial collector
    Sectional coaxial collector

Efficiency by regeneration

The special efficiency of the memory probes is justified in that they regenerate very quickly within a one year utilisation period. The high energy output is based on the elementary technical development by Jürgen Strebe, inspired by the discoveries of two important scholars: "Understanding and using nature's energies" by Viktor Schaumberger and Giovanni Battista Venturi's research on cause and effect of flow velocities of fluids.

Soil as seasonal heat and/or shuttle storage

The Venturi effect, combined by Jürgen Strebe with a static Archimedean screw (a stainless steel spiral in the interior pipe produces flow turbulences), provides an enormously high energy abstraction capacity and thus for an intensification of the use of hydrothermia of water energies and solar heat, by using the subsoil as seasonal
warmth and/or shuttle storage.

Great alternative for energy production

With correct use the stainless steel tube collectors (memory probes) and stainless steel U-probes (memory probes) are a good usable alternative to extract energy from our first aquifer. The use of these memory probes, i.e. the stainless steel tube collectors and stainless steel U-probes, guarantees a high flow temperature in the source output in the first aquifer. With precise planning of the geothermal plant by the specialist contractor antifreeze can be omitted this way.

The Venturi stainless steel collector with hydraulic screw has a European patent pending.